Friday, January 15, 2010

It's a culteral thingy

Nigeria says it will soon deploy its own air marshals on flights to the U.S. as a security measure after the Christmas day attack by its citizen, Umar Farouk AbdulMutallab.
Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority Director Harold Demuren said the decision demonstrates Nigeria’s commitment to aviation security, but also noted they are displeased that the U.S. wants more thorough screening for all passengers originating from Nigeria.
“We are very dissatisfied about this and we have made it very clear. We hope that this will be revisited very quickly,” Demuren said.
“We have had 100 percent examination at our airports, we are introducing three-D full-body scanners, we are doing second screening of all hand luggage, we have met all ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) security directives,” he said.
He said the request to put air marshals on U.S.-bound flights came from the Obama administration and Nigeria consented.
Demuren said Nigeria will ask the United States to help train air marshals.

But this article from the Daily Caller
sheds some light on what it's actually like to fly in and out of Yemen. If all the passengers have daggers, will two guns toted by air marshals make a difference in security?
The airline permitted daggers but no firearms, and the scanning equipment was non-existent, so airport personnel patted everyone down but let everyone keep their big daggers. Of course, no one was going to be able to use a dagger to hijack a plane filled with 30 other men who also have daggers, so in a sense the system worked.

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