Friday, January 8, 2010

Après terrorist attack

There’s a lot of shock and outrage that several government officials were on vacation when a would-be terrorist tried to blow up 300 airline passengers.
CIA chief Leon Panetta was on vacation in Monterey, Calif., his deputy was also on holiday.
National Counterrorism Director Michael Leiter was off on a ski vacation, although no one is saying where -- Vail, I could forgive, Aspen, not so much.
The president himself was with his family in Hawaii.
That's because, the attack happened on Christmas Day.
For those of you not familiar with holidays, government muckety mucks, many of whom are mere mortals, go on vacation during these days, like Christmas.
Despite their absence, someone from the government showed up, arrested the Nigerian national, questioned him, charged him, launched internal investigations among multiple agencies to find out what went wrong, and wrote up a report for the president.
Anyway, that's the view from the bunker...

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